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A Very Contrary Christmas Card

December 18, 2012 by
I don’t know if you guys know Jules of GoJulesGo and The Byronic Man of…well TheByronicMan but you should. You should definitely know them because they have contests and put their faces on a sheet set. They are my people. You need to enter their contest so you can win sheets with their faces on them. Except, don’t enter the contest if your entry is going to be better than mine. I really want those sheets y’all.
So, to enter the contest you have to make a card depicting what the holidays really mean to you- whatever that looks like. This is mine. Except I’m not good at making cards on this computer machine so really it’s just a picture with a caption. Because the simple things are the best things.
Also, I feel like I should remind Jules and the Byronic Man that I really really like them and also that I’m getting married this Saturday and a sheet set with their faces on them would be a lovely wedding gift. But it’s no big deal if I don’t win, it will just RUIN MY WEDDING.
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