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And That’s How I Came Up With My Roller Derby Name |

April 1, 2013 by
The other day I was thinking about names (because I saw that Veronica Mars Kristen Bell had a baby and named it Lincoln, which I love) and how Captain Thoughtful’s Mom’s middle name is Jane. And then I thought about how police and medical examiners call unknown victims Jane Doe, and I bet that it’s really weird when they find out the name of the victim and it really is Jane. And then I thought about how Jane Doe would be a cool roller derby name because it’s like “BOOM I’m an unknown victim you don’t know what I’m capable of!” and then I was like “Wait! Jane Doe-Eyed” because it speaks to being scary and pretty.
And that’s how I came up with my roller derby name.
Just kidding. I would totally want to be called Madame Guillotine because CHOP!
If I could skate, I would be the best roller derby girl ever. Or at least have a plethora of stellar roller derby names to choose from.
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