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Attempts at the Extraordinary - Motivation

Attempts at the Extraordinary

Someday, I will research that consuming half of a watermelon makes my tummy injury. That day was not remaining Monday. Or remaining Wednesday. Or remaining Friday.

Someday, I will don’t forget that one cup of espresso offers me an outstanding improve, nonetheless two cups of espresso makes me a complete and entire spaz who randomly begins clapping to launch a couple of of that vitality.

Otherwise you already know, almost certainly I gained’t ever do that stuff and they’re usually lovable quirks that people talk about fondly. Correct? Like, “GotC on a regular basis eat an extreme quantity of watermelon? Isn’t that treasured?” or “You probably can on a regular basis inform when GotC has had two cups of espresso on account of she merely randomly begins clapping – it’s lovable!”

And other people is perhaps particulars on my Wikipedia internet web page that people who don’t know me study and are like “Wow! She’s much like me! I should buy her information!”

Moreover, someday I am going to write a information and have a Wikipedia internet web page.

You  might all keep in mind my Good Chili Cheese Burrito quest and that I lastly found a Taco Bell in Ft. Worth, TX that served them. Blissful was the day that my quest resulted in victory!

Correctly, thank my lucky stars that the victories didn’t end there. Whereas in Ohio, Captain Thoughtful, his mom and father (Dr. Mom and Coach Dad), and I went to a Taco Bell. Full disclosure, I was there to try Lorena Garcia’s new quesadilla, nonetheless I didn’t get the flowery new quesadilla on the menu, no, I had a CHILI CHEESE BURRITO. Actually, I had 3. Because of the Taco Bell in Ashland, Ohio serves them.

That’s the face of a cheerful quester.

img 0075

I was wanting once more by method of some of my outdated weblog posts the alternative day, which I’ve in no way executed sooner than, and I found a put up I wrote in January of 2011 about how I was giving myself a deadline to be relationship any person by October of 2011.


I met Captain Thoughtful in September and we started relationship in October.  For precise. And since I had absolutely forgotten about that put up, I moreover absolutely forgot to brag about it. Ponder this my gloat. An astonished gloat, nonetheless a gloat nonetheless.

Think about it or not, I actually do put some effort into wanting my most interesting. Sure, it might not be as rather a lot effort as I put into avoiding aliens, preparing for the apocalypse, or benefiting from jazz hand alternate options, nonetheless there’s undoubtedly a non-zero effort put into wanting good.

In spite of everything, as befits an odd lady equal to myself, my magnificence strategies is maybe a bit on the odd facet. Nevertheless they work. I consider. It is perhaps a kind of points the place you persuade your self one factor works since you could have been already inclined to think about it is going to work nonetheless it doesn’t work genuinely, nonetheless it kind of does because you think about it. I consider that’s referred to as matrixing.

1. Wash your face with honey. I really slather honey on my face every morning and every evening time. After which I merely let it sit there, and maybe usually a couple of of it slides into my mouth and it tastes good nonetheless that is fully not why I’m inserting it on my face. Nevertheless it is delicious. Moreover, it is a should to make use of Manuka honey from New Zealand. Because of it’s very specific. And delicious. And my pores and pores and skin is admittedly clear and good now. And my tea is not honey-less so WIN-WIN.

2. Put coconut oil in your tea. And your bathtub. And in your pores and pores and skin after your bathtub. It’s good for you out and in! And your pores and pores and skin will not ever be softer and you may in no way odor additional tropically. And likewise there are properly being benefits. Google it.

Okay. So, I’ve two strategies. Which, isn’t like, many. However it absolutely’s larger than none. Moreover, I’m realizing now that my strategies are all meals related. That seems about correct.

tina fey hologram

There are a great deal of new points taking place in my life and it could be a bit overwhelming, so my new motto is “What would Liz Lemon do?”

As an example, would Liz Lemon placed on a blazer? Certain, certain she would. So, I bought two new blazers.

Would Liz Lemon make an ungainly joke as a approach to break an way more awkward silence? In spite of everything. And so will I.

Would Liz Lemon shout wildly on the motive force throughout the automotive behind her on account of she felt like he was judging her for throwing an apple core out the window? I happen to imagine she would. And I already have.

Would Liz Lemon completely immerse herself throughout the drama of the olympics and by no means miss an event and eat subject after subject of cheez-its whereas she watched? Duh. And I consider it’s clear that’s the proper issue to do.

Would Liz Lemon sustain late to have a look at a horrible however someway great actuality current? Certain. And it’s fully value it.

After, I wrote this put up, I googled “What would Liz Lemon do?” and there is like a whole group of people asking themselves that very same question and writing about it. And also you already know one factor, that brings me a great deal of comfort.

screen shot 2012 05 21 at 1 21 54 pm Lincoln has an superior state capital setting up nonetheless no CCB.

My quest has formally begun. No Taco Bell will go….unturned?….uncovered?…..un….I’m unlikely sure what phrase applies proper right here, nonetheless suffice it to say I’ll be visting a great deal of Taco Bells throughout the subsequent yr, and so will Captain Thoughtful on account of he is very supportive of this quest and as well as has an infinite urge for meals.

Closing weekend I visited the Taco Bell throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport. No luck. They didn’t even have the entire menu, rather a lot a lot much less the fabled and elusive Chili Cheese Burrito (or CCB as I am going to title if any longer on account of my typing laziness.) So, that was disappointing. Nonetheless, quests aren’t suggest to be easy so I continued on with extreme hopes and a growling tummy.

My subsequent stop throughout the quest was Nebraska. Notably, Lincoln. There was a Taco Bell decrease than a mile from our lodge and I immediately had a wonderful feeling about it. We stopped by after a late evening time and pulled as a lot because the drive-thru, my coronary coronary heart was pounding as I perused the burrito menu….and……nothing. I suggest, that they’d burritos, nonetheless they didn’t have THE burrito, the one burrito to rule all of them. You let me down Lincoln, Nebraska Taco Bell.

Later, upon extra introspection I seen the “good feeling” I had regarding the Lincoln Taco Bell could almost certainly have been increased labeled as “hunger”. I’m going to have to be cautious for that in the end.

The search continues.

Moreover, it has been steered that I could merely uncover the recipe and make the CCB for myself nonetheless that is clearly the cowards means out of a quest and I’m no coward. Stop making logical options like this to me immediately. They offend my sensibility.

screen shot 2012 01 03 at 5 35 48 pm

Since I formally ended my Yr In Books on account of, you already know, the New Yr started, and it was a roaring success of a choice, I decided I needed some new New Yr’s resolutions, on account of I’m resolved like that. So, with out extra ado and comma splicing, I give you my 2012 New Yr’s resolutions. (Please attempt to embody your jubilation and please don’t set off any additional fireworks)

1. Examine to play the ukulele. Various (too many) Christmasses prior to now, my nice mom and father (who, you already know, created me) gave me a ukulele. I had been primarily begging for one for months and they also gave in and obtained me one on account of I’ve very persuasive eyes and an annoying penchant for repeating my Christmas itemizing out loud day by day starting 3 months sooner than Christmas. Prolonged story fast, I nonetheless haven’t realized the best way to truly play it. So, this yr, as a approach to make my mom and father proud and persistently annoy them with ukulele renditions of Johnny Cash songs, I’m finding out to play my ukulele. Come hell, extreme water, or finger blisters.

2. Finish my information. Y’all, I’ve been engaged on this issue for what seems to be like 100 years. I keep altering it, going forwards and backwards on what I want the over theme to be, and have modified the title a couple of gajillion cases. What I’ve did not do is unquestionably finish it. So, I’ve set myself a writing schedule and plan on getting my hilarious onto paper. Or, you already know, pulling out all my hair and procrastinating like a champ. I’ll keep you updated.

I restricted myself to 2 resolutions on account of I’m solely human (although I consider I’ve made a fairly good case for superhuman adjoining) and really want to perform these targets sooner than the apocalypse. Did you, most beloved of readers, make any resolutions? Please do inform. Blissful 2012 my darlings!!!

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