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Beauty Tips. Yeah, I Have Beauty Tips. Why Are You So Surprised? That’s Rude. |

February 25, 2013 by
Believe it or not, I actually do put some effort into looking my best. Sure, it might not be as much effort as I put into avoiding aliens, preparing for the apocalypse, or taking advantage of jazz hand opportunities, but there is definitely a non-zero effort put into looking good.
Of course, as befits an odd girl such as myself, my beauty tips might be a bit on the odd side. But they work. I think. It could be one of those things where you convince yourself something works because you were already inclined to believe it would work but it doesn’t work in reality, but it kind of does because you believe it. I think that’s called matrixing.
1. Wash your face with honey. I literally slather honey on my face every morning and every night. And then I just let it sit there, and maybe sometimes some of it slides into my mouth and it tastes good but that is totally not why I’m putting it on my face. But it is delicious. Also, you have to use Manuka honey from New Zealand. Because it’s very special. And delicious. And my skin is really clear and nice now. And my tea is never honey-less so WIN-WIN.
2. Put coconut oil in your tea. And your bath. And on your skin after your bath. It’s good for you inside and out! And your skin will never be softer and you will never smell more tropically. And also there are health benefits. Google it.
Ok. So, I have two tips. Which, isn’t like, many. But it’s more than none. Also, I’m realizing now that my tips are all food related. That seems about right.

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