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Who’s Brendan Hesse? Author, Podcaster and Tech Skilled

  Brendan Hesse is a author, artist, and content material producer working within the gaming and tech industries. He has labored for a number of organizations, together with  Digital Traits, IGN, and extra. Brendan is a daily contributor for LifeHacker.

Collect Memories, Not Things - Toilet Paper

Collect Memories, Not Things

Why do people accumulate issues as an alternative and experiences and reminiscences?  Silly!  We solely use 15% of the stuff we retailer in our houses.   Do we predict extra stuff will make us glad?  May it’s that much less in additional?

Hate Work-Love Your Funeral - Conflict

Hate Work-Love Your Funeral

Have you noticed at funerals, there is rarely a picture of the deceased at work? This is a vivid example of one of the great paradoxes of the life we live…we invest the majority of our time and emotional capital in our jobs, but when we die, people finally get real and they could care …

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