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Body Bells?? |  - Image

Body Bells?? |

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I will wake up and think I have a great idea for a book, or a good line I want to use on the blog, or a necessary change in my book, and this is why I always keep a notebook and pen by my bed. Although, it would probably serve me better somewhere else because these ideas are always zany and never make sense to me the next day.

Body bells: Um….I’m really not completely sure what this means. I think I know what I meant, and I vaguely remember the dream that inspired it, but to be honest, at best it’s a weak metaphor for the feeling you have when you’re in love. At worst it’s complete codswallop. “Body bells” was scribbled in handwriting that didn’t even look like mine and underlined about 10 times in my notebook when I woke up the next day. Apparently, sleepy thought it was a brilliant idea.

Mmmbop as a metaphor for binge eating: No clue why I wrote this down. No clue where it came from. I’m beginning to get scared about what I’m actually doing when I think I’m sleeping.

Bejiggity: I’ve used this word before in many different instances so I can’t be sure how I wanted it to be used in this case. Fun word though.

Does her shoe size make her a bitch?????: This really had 5 question marks in my notebook. I have some vague memory of waking up suddenly and writing this down but I can’t recall the context or the logic behind it. It is an interesting question. I think next time my girlfriends are raging about another girl, I will ask this question, if they begin to fawn over what a genius I am, I’ll know I’m on to something, if they look at me quizzically (as per usual), I’ll know they’re probably going to steal my question to impress their other friends.

Alliteration: I definitely didn’t make this up, but I’m completely baffled as to how I wanted to use it in my writing. I really do love alliteration. Maybe I just wanted to write it down to remind myself to appreciate it more and tell alliteration how much I love it on a daily basis.

Give peace a piece of pizza: Well, clearly, that one is self-explanatory.

Yahtzee! She said disparagingly : I don’t even care what this means, I just can’t believe I wrote the word “disparagingly” when I was half asleep.

I really don’t know whether to be very concerned for my well-being or very proud of my obviously genius unconscious mind. Does anyone else write in their sleep? Is this a thing?

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