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Shanelle Genai

Captain Thoughtful Is A Genius

So, I was sick all last week. No one seemed to notice, which is worrisome because what if I had been kidnapped y’all? What if I was slowly bleeding out from accidentally rupturing something inside my guts by eating too much of something (if I had to guess it would probably by gummi worms)??? What if y’all??

Anyway, neither one of those things happened, I was just really really sick. I had the flu plus a double ear infection, which is basically just like having the plague and I found myself saying “I’m not dead yet!” just in case Captain Thoughtful had any thoughts of throwing me on the plague cart. Because I would hate for him to have to feel the guilt of throwing me away when I wasn’t even dead yet. I’m always thinking about his happiness.

The biggest problem last week was that when I laid down, I couldn’t breathe so I sat up. But when I was sitting up I couldn’t keep the heating pad on my ears (it helps with the pain of earaches). Then Captain Thoughtful thought of this…..

img 0063

He’s always thinking of my happiness too.

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