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funny - Waterfall

Challenge Accepted.

Cooper seemed to think yesterdays post was a little too easy. Too obvious. So, he challenged me to tear a song of his choice apart. Done and done.
He was like- What? Sorry excuse for a post. Lame. Girl, try this song out. Gauntlet thrown.
And I was like- Oh yeah? Challenge accepted. Gauntlet picked up and thrown right back at ya fool!
Or, you know, it was something like that. Anyway, I’m all over it.
I like my vampires with a touch of Hollywood glamour.
All of this comes crashing down, Ah man, *another* earthquake?
Cornerstone’s gone Yeah, I know you just told me it crashed down.
Sleepless Of course you are, poor thing.
Hopeless. Well thats a bit bleak.
No end in sight. Seriously, Are you sure you’re looking closely enough? Because sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Someone told me that once. I’m pretty sure it applies here.
Ink well has run dry, fill it with blood of the scribe. Oh. I see. This is like an apocalypse situation. Poor scribe. He just wanted to write. Wait. Am I the scribe? Because I am NOT cool with filling the ink well with my blood.
Rest comes easy, to the guiltless Guiltless because they didn’t do anything or because they are sociopaths. You generally want to stay away from sociopaths, so if they’re sleeping, try and sneak away.
The vampire laments, as he prays, for the sun. Aww, man. Even the vamps want to commit suicide?! This is serious yo.
Doom, despair, tragedy are the tools of the trade. The vampire trade? Or is it zombies? Vampires are kind of zombies though, it’s all the undead, isn’t it?
Cut to the bone, rob the grave Whoa. Grave robbing crosses the line. Unless it’s vampires and zombies just freeing their vamp and zombie brethren from the grave, in which case, it’s kind of an act of undead mercy.
Under the stone, laid to waste. Like really sad buried treasure?
Defile the tomb, rip the page Page? Is the tomb full of books? You may be mixing metaphors here.
Striped by the vein, laid to waste. The books are laid to waste? Now that *is* sad. Way sadder than suicidal vampires.
Frayed at the edge, flat lined. What I’m getting from you is that you tried to resuscitate the books and it didn’t work. Did you try glue? Or tape?
The anvil cracks the hammer, Or is the other way around?
Relentlessly comes down. As anvils are want to do. Think of Wiley E. Coyote.
A new pariah is born Yeah, that’s to be expected with all the zombies and vampires running around in this apocalypse.
Cut to the bone, rob the grave You know, I feel for ya, but it just seems like vamps is being vamps in this case. Hate the game not the playa, as I always say.
Under the stone, laid to waste. Oh man. Are you writing this song while in a grave? Are you dead? Surrounded by all your torn up books?
Defile the tomb, rip the page Stop ripping up books man!
Striped by the vein, laid to waste. Vein of knowledge? Because if you’re talking people veins, that’s pretty gross. Although, again, typical vampire and zombie behavior.
Chastisement lays you down to sleep, tucks you in with bloody kisses Aww, vampires can be so sweet sometimes.
Gifts of nightmares bitter sweet. What’s sweet about nightmares? I get the bitter part, but sweet?
Type A negative shuts me down. Yeah, probably because it’s not your blood type. Try O negative.
Catch phrase will be death of me. I know, that game gets really intense. Are you playing it with the zombies, because I bet that they are really good at catchphrase.
Is this not what you came to see? Yeah, I kind of expected something different than apocalypse, suicidal vampires, zombies, ripped up books, and catchphrase.
What, are you not entertained? Actually, I was entertained. You’re just in a bad mood because you keep giving yourself the wrong blood. I told you to try O neg.
Climb the walls ’til nails bleed. What walls? I’m beginning to think you’re hallucinating.
Rip the hair, tear the seams, break the glass. Yeah, you’re definitely hallucinating or on some kind of bad trip. Are you on the drugs?
Head in hands, bell tolls endlessly Yeah, I think Hemingway mentioned something about bells tolling.
No end in sight. Actually, it’s a really good book. Don’t give up on Hemingway!
Challenge accepted. Challenge completed. So there.
Also, I’m probably going to have really bad dreams tonight.

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