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Do You Ever Want to Hug Strangers? I Do.

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I really do want to hug strangers sometimes. Like when I see someone walking by themselves without a smile, I just want to hug them. They probably need a hug. Or if I notice someone being really mean to someone else I just want to grab them both into a big hug and just let the love flow through me to them. If I acted on this impulse I am 100% sure I could single-handedly create world peace. Or get murdered.

Is this odd? People seem to think this is odd. My heart just goes out to everyone. Seriously, everyone (except cute guys because then I freeze up like a popsicle). The man asking for money at the stoplight on my way to work seems like he probably hasn’t bathed in months and is missing his teeth but his sign says “Hungry Hungry Hobo” and I just think that is really clever and he deserves a hug for it. I bet he would really appreciate a hug. And a sandwich. Or the cashier at the lunch spot I usually eat at, every time he takes my credit card to swipe it he says “Aw, dang girl, you have a black card? You must be a 12 millionaire.” And even though I know I’m not a 12 millionaire I want to give him a hug for saying it. Or the women I saw wearing a fanny-pack. I just want to hug her. I don’t know why I feel such affection for total strangers- I just do.

I usually don’t act on my impulse to hug because of several reasons.

1. People will think I am a creepy creepy creepster.

2. Someone will most likely call the cops.

3. The stranger I’m hugging might be a creepy creepy creepster and then stalk me and murder me and wear my skin as a summer dress.

4. I might get punched in the face.

5. I might get shot in the face.

These are all really good and compelling reasons not to hug strangers. But I still want to. And I can’t help but think that if everyone else had this same impulse and actually acted on it, even if it was just sometimes, then the whole world would be a better place. Because hugs cure diseases and broken hearts (and that is my medical opinion). It would be like in Care Bears except everyone would be Love-A-Lot Bear or TenderHeart Bear. Let’s be Care Bears people!

picture 19 Be just like me!

And then I remember I don’t live in a cartoon (despite all my efforts) and I go back to reason number 5 which is probably what would happen to people if they acted like Care Bears. I guess I will just have to continue sending my hugs subliminally (which no one has proved to me doesn’t work) and hope all these strangers know I would absolutely without a doubt hug them if they wouldn’t shoot me in the face.

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