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Even More People Are Looking For Tom.

August 22, 2012 by
Last week, I documented my conversations with people looking for Tom and asked myself, “Who is Tom?”. You guys remember that, right? I mean, it was literally last week. Yeah, you totally remember it. Anyway, I got another call for Tom the other day. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my phone at home and missed the call, thankfully, they left a message.
“Hello. We’re calling for Tom. We have a sourcing job for him in Houston. Tom, please call us back immediately about the job.”
First of all, I think it’s odd they left a message for Tom when my voicemail clearly says my name and my name only. BUT- I think this proves my theory about Tom being a spy. I mean, it seems very suspicious that they would be so tenacious in trying to find Tom. Most people would probably just hang up when they got the voicemail of someone not named Tom, but it’s pretty clear they think my name and phone are just a cover for Tom. Obviously, it’s not unusual for Tom to have a voicemail with someone else’s name on it. Also, “sourcing job”? Yeah, I googled that shiz and it said “Sourcing in personnel management work refers to the identification and uncovering of candidates (also known as talent) through proactive recruiting techniques.” So, I think that definition speaks for itself. I mean, clearly, Tom is a super secret spy recruiter. It’s so obvious. Wait- am I being recruited? Is that what this is? Does he know I’m blogging about it? He totally does.
What was that sound???????

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