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Florence Put A Spell On Me

October 16, 2012 by
Last weekend was one of my favorite weekends of the year, Austin City Limits weekend, and the line-up this year was pretty spectacular. The act I was most looking forward too, however, was Florence + The Machine. I’ve been wanting to see them live for ages and ages and ages and finally it happened, and it one of my favorite venues. Kismet! Serendipity! Aligned stars!
And then Florence Welch put a spell on me. If you haven’t seen Florence + The Machine live, the best way I can explain Florence Welch is that she is like a very powerful wood nymph. She floats, she flits, she glows, she BELTS IT OUT. She is magical and she puts a spell on everyone in her performing presence. She rubbed glitter from a fans face on to hers. She put a ring of daisies around her head and declared “Happy Festival!” to us all. She counted to three and every single person in the crowd jumped up and down. For real. She demanded “human sacrifice” and people cheered. (Of course, by human sacrifice, she meant “climb up on on someone’s shoulders” although that totally could have turned into a accident that resulted in actual human sacrifice….) Her voice was heavenly. She never once complained about the heat. I don’t think she was even sweating, probably because wood nymphs don’t sweat.
It was my absolute favorite concert of all time. Unfortunately, because I was under a spell, I didn’t take any pictures or record any soundbites. All I have are beautiful dreamlike memories and sore legs from jumping up and down. Seriously y’all, it was magic.

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