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Everyone measures distance by Whataburgers correct? Like, “Solely 6 hours from Lincoln to Whataburger”.  That method, you don’t should resolve on between using the metric system and English system. Everyone wins and as well as french fries!

I’m going to New Orleans for Jazz Fest right now!!! As shortly as we get there my priorities are the subsequent:

1. Shrimp and grits 2. Confirm in to the lodge 3. Shrimp and grits 4. Oysters 5. Wine slushy 6. Jazz 7. Hurricane (the drink not the pure disaster) 8. Jazz 9. Jazz fingers

10. Shrimp and grits

I am in the mean time sitting in Full Meals parking lot prepared for it to open (aspect discover, why aren’t you open sooner than 9am Full Meals? I suppose I ought to easily eat McDonald’s for breakfast and have a coronary coronary heart assault. You wish to that wouldn’t you? Sorry Full Meals, I’m a bit hangry. Merely open already.) Anyway, I am sitting proper right here throughout the Full Meals parking lot, in my used volvo, listening to NPR, and contemplating which salad to buy for lunch and I’m merely truly fearful y’all that I am an unintended hipster. Am I an unintended hipster? All these things look like hipster points. Is 30 too earlier to be an unintended hipster? How do I stop it?

Oh! Full Meals merely opened! BYEEEEEEE!

One among my favorite points to do is to exit to eat breakfast on Sundays between 10:30am and 11:30am. Why? On account of that is the hangover hour. What is the hangover hour you ask? I’m so glad you requested! It’s the hour a lot of folks with hangovers exit to breakfast. Listening to their orders is on a regular basis a pleasure. It’s the little points peeps. Listed below are a few of my favorite overheard hangover orders from yesterday.

Hungover man: Espresso…..please merely….so…..loads….espresso.

Hungover girl: Toast. Can I merely have like a plate crammed with dry toast? And water. Quite a few water.

Hungover guy2: Rooster fried steak, fried eggs, fried potatoes, and orange juice. Oh, and a aspect of pancakes. (Then he merely stared at it for half and hour sooner than getting all of it packed as a lot as go)

Hungover guy3: Do you promote beer proper right here? I need further beer. Beer will help.

And that is the rationale I like Sunday breakfast. Do y’all have any favorite hangover meals? For me, it’s french fries.

Me: That makes me indignant!

Captain Thoughtful: What does?

Me: That Oreo Churro stand.

Captain Thoughtful : Ummm….

Me: It’s like they’re saying that Churros aren’t delicious enough and should somehow be improved. They don’t ought to be improved. They’re delicious and perfect and probably made with magic and comfy concepts.

Captain Thoughtful :  You are a churro purist.

Me: Who will converse for the churros?! Me, that’s who.

Captain Thoughtful : Nonetheless, you need Oreos.

Me: Wow. Certain, I do, nonetheless that is so totally off the aim.

Captain Thoughtful : There is a stage?

Me: I don’t even know anymore. One factor about dessert?

Is it weird to be so loyal to a falafel place that you simply simply actually really feel like a Benedict Arnold stage traitor for making an attempt a model new falafel place? #askingforafriend

Over the last 7 months or so, I have been on a mission to get extra wholesome, which includes dropping some weight. So, I have been consuming larger and exercising and having fairly good outcomes. Yay. However, a lot of folks have tried to encourage me by saying “Nothing tastes practically nearly as good as skinny feels.”

These individuals are liars and scoundrels. I am proper right here to let you realize the fact and that is that I’ve eaten a minimal of 10 points that model larger than skinny feels. At least.That doesn’t indicate that I indulge regularly or gorge myself wantonly. I’m merely saying, don’t inform me skinny feels larger than consuming a shrimp taco at Torchy’s. I have been skinny and I’ve eaten these tacos and let me let you realize, the tacos are larger.

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