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writing - 2021

Ghosts V. Hotel Renovations |

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So last weekend I went to Dallas to visit my sister and we spent the night in a hotel. Not just any hotel- an historic hotel. Which are my favorite kinds of hotels because they are usually haunted or at least have a grisly history of murders, suicides, and murder suicides. The hotel we stayed in was built in 1923. Perfect, I thought, because you know like loads of rich Texans totally offed themselves during the great depression in that hotel. Also, I mean in 87 years someone had to have been murdered in that hotel. All of these things add up to ghosts.

My sister, however, seemed unmoved by the prospect of spending the night in an almost certainly haunted hotel. In fact, she declared that the hotel couldn’t possibly be haunted because the hotel had been renovated. WHAT? Um, I don’t think that ghosts care at all about hotel renovations. My sister believes that ghosts do care about renovations and that they just sort of move on if the place they haunt gets renovated. Sometimes, I can’t even believe that she and I are related. Of course ghosts don’t care about renovations- I mean, sheesh, they are way more worried about haunting and spooking and the like. As long as everything is in the same place, I think  ghosts are satisfied. How else would you explain the haunted buildings built on graveyards or battle grounds? Ghosts only care about location. I could not be more right. Unfortunately, despite my infallible logic, my sister was not convinced. She stuck to her “renovations=no ghosts” theory. And I was so distracted by this discussion that I forgot to look for signs of ghosts. So, I didn’t get to experience any hauntings or ghost-like tomfoolery. Shrugs.

Then, when I got home I looked up the hotel and it was TOTALLY haunted. Loads of people reported ghost sightings and unexplained haunting-like incidents. And I didn’t see anything. Or get haunted. Because I was too involved in a ghost v. renovations discussion. Also, I read that the hotel is really popular with celebrities but I didn’t see any of those either.

So, what side are you on in the great ghosts v. renovations debate of 2010?

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