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Girl On The Contrary- On A Diet. |

April 18, 2013 by
Y’all. I have gained a LOT of happy weight since my wedding. Yay for the happy, boo for the weight, amiright? So, your girl is going on a diet, and like all things in my life, I’m going to chronicle it for laughs. Because that’s how I do.
A few nights ago, Captain Thoughtful and I went on the first of many long evening walks after dinner. We just moved into a new apartment that we were told had a walking trail around the entire complex. Perfect. Or so we thought. We started the trail right outside our apartment and walked about a quarter of a mile, then the “trail” got real dodgy, but we followed it anyway, then it turned into walking amongst the construction of the new buildings. Then, a security guard told us that we couldn’t walk back there and that if management knew we had, we would be evicted.
Lesson learned: Exercise will cause me to get evicted.
Diet rating: Cardboard crackers.
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