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grad school - Spouse

grad school

One thing I don’t love about grad school is that I never get to have that feeling you get when you finish something. As soon as I finish one thing I am immediately faced with a million other things waiting to be done. It is a bit like spending the entire day hiking up a mountain only to find you’re still at the bottom.

The good news is that unless I am actually stuck in a wormhole where time never moves forward, I will finish this thing.

Sense of accomplishment: ETA 2017

One of the best parts about going to grad school as a 30 year old is that all the  20-somethings keep you up to date on popular slang. For instance, I thought “Netflix and chill” meant watching Netflix and being lazy. I was wrong. It means sex.

Pretty much all the slang means sex.

There is no – there is only finals week.

Last night I dreamt that I had to cross a swamp full of alligators to get to the only copy of my final paper for one of my classes.

After waking up, I kind of felt like maybe the alligators would be a breeze compared to what I actually have left to do.

Me: Yay!!! Thanksgiving break! I’m free!

10 minutes later….

Me: I do need to write that paper though. And study for that quiz. And read 300 pages. And do those homework assignments….This is terrible! All is lost. Thanksgiving break has forsaken me. Thank heavens there will be plenty of food to eat my feelings with.

Y’all remember when I was afraid of dinosaurs and aliens? Those were the good old days. Now I’m constantly afraid of the following:

1. Not perfecting APA formatting. 2. Forgetting to upload a paper to blackboard because I’m old and we used to just turn in hard copies of our papers. 3. Getting a ticket for jaywalking on campus.

4. Looking like an idiot in front of my cohort.

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