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M.I.A. |  - Long-distance relationship

Grammy On Child Security and The Identify Lulu. |

Grammy: Are you and the Captain eager about having infants?
Me: Sure we’re, perhaps within the subsequent couple of years.
Grammy: Nicely, to be sincere, I believe I rushed your Popsie into having infants.
Me: Oh?
Grammy: I simply actually needed them. So, I form of pushed him.
Me: Pushed him? I’m positive he went willingly.
Grammy: Oh! We knew easy methods to be protected with the….…..nicely…we knew easy methods to be protected.
Me: What do you imply? (Stated innocently regardless that I completely knew what she meant.)
Grammy: ….protected. Like protected from infants.
Me: Had been they attacking you?
Grammy: what I imply.
Me: Sure, sure I do.
Grammy: However we actually did learn about…being protected. We did. We knew ALL about it.
Me: Umm…I imagine you.
Me: What do you consider the title Lulu for a woman? (This query was directed at Captain Considerate)
Grammy: Oh! I HATE it!
Captain Considerate: Truly, I actually prefer it.
Grammy: (Hits Captain Considerate) You dangerous boy!
Me: Uh, Grams? His opinion counts greater than yours on this dialogue.
Grammy: However mine does rely.
Me: Uhhhh…not as a lot as Captain Considerate’s.
Grammy: However it DOES rely.
Me: Let’s play a special recreation now.