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Happily Ever After.

September 9, 2010 by
You know why I like movies with happy endings? Because, I fully recognize that in reality those things rarely if ever happen at all, so I like to have a little happily ever after in my fiction. The reason I bring this up is because lately it seems like there is a stigma surrounding these type of movies. I mean, maybe this has always existed and I am just now realizing it but now that I have realized it, I want to discuss it. So there.
It just seems like if a girl my age says she likes movies with a happily ever after ending then she gets characterized as being silly, or naive, or stupid. Guess what? I’m none of those things (ok, I am occasionally silly…) and neither are my girlfriends who like happily ever afters. In fact, I would say we were more realistic than people who don’t like those movies because we go see them specifically because we know they never happen. We don’t walk out of these movies saying things like “I can’t wait for that to happen to me.” we walk out of them and say “That was a very pleasant break from reality.” Because isn’t the purpose of most films to give you an entertaining break??? Because if that is the case then I want my entertaining break to be really lovely and diverting. I don’t want to walk out of a movie feeling really depressed and broken. I mean, ok, some movies that are really well made and poetic are allowed to make me feel depressed and broken, but most of the time, I just want to continue feeling happy. Because I am really happy. So why shouldn’t my happiness be reflected in my film choices.
And you know something else??? Jane Austen was a brilliant writer and a strong women. So if I want to see one of her many stunning works brought to life and they just so happen to have happy endings- well then that’s just what I’ll do. In your face nay-sayers. And I know I’m on a rant here and that this isn’t that funny of a post (you want something funny read the note at the bottom) but this has been happening more and more often to me when people ask what movies I like. Well, you know what? I like happily ever afters. So screw you.
I’m sick of hearing “But it was so unrealistic” or “It doesn’t stand for anything.” or “You don’t really believe that stuff, do you?”
Yes, it was unrealistic- that’s why I wanted to see it. And yes, actually, it stands for something and that something is 2 hours of complete unawares bliss. And no, I don’t really believe it- again, that’s why I wanted to see it.
Also, this made me think of the biases I have against people’s favorite movies. And I’m not blameless (which is probably shocking to you so take a moment to collect yourself). Anyone who likes the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl” almost automatically loses my respect. Sorry, I’m a history lover and there is almost nothing accurate in that movie (or the book for that matter Philippa Gregory should be ashamed) and I just can’t abide by it. And I can’t understand how people can enjoy a movie with such glaring inaccuracies. But in the interest of doing unto others blah blah blah, I officially apologize for not respecting your movie choices fans of “The Other Boleyn Girl.” Also, I should apologize to fans of “The Godfather” and “Star Wars” not because I don’t like or respect those movies, but because I have never seen them and that tends to upset their fans. Sorry. Also, I should apologize to “Avatar” fans because though I actually did enjoy the movie I didn’t think seeing it in 3D was worth it. Apparently I’m wrong on that so I’m sorry. Oh yeah, and “Braveheart” for the same historical inaccuracies reasons as “The Other Boleyn Girl” and also, really? Mel Gibson? To play the part of Scotland’s most famous hero? Sorry, I got caught up, really I am apologizing for not liking your movie choices.
Ok- so I think I have purged myself of all my movie choice biases. Which, in a way is a happily ever after. I sure feel happy. Don’t you?
(Note: I used the term “happily ever after” instead of “happy ending” because I was afraid of the type of traffic that term might drive to my blog….I think we all know why.)