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Top 5 Definitions of Love

harry potter

There will be an 8th Harry Potter book. That is all.

That is everything.

Celebrate accordingly. (I’m drinking firewhisky and setting off fireworks while screaming “Accio new Harry Potter book!” at the top of my lungs)

Captain Thoughtful and I took off on an anniversary/Christmas trip last week and of course we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Because we are giant nerds who are perfect for each other. It was an absolutely perfect holiday and we had a complete blast but one thing in particular happened that I need to share with y’all.

I was chosen at Ollivanders!

What that means is that I am a real wizard with a real wand that chose me.

Or, it could mean that I was chosen out of a crowd of people to be part of a small show where I got to try out wands and find my perfect match just like Harry does in the first book. Personally, I prefer the first explanation. The second is such a muggle explanation.

I’m a wizard!!!!

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I’m still so thrilled by this I can hardly even talk about it.

So, I’m about to start grad school and I am realizing that though I am a Luna Lovegood in most things, when it comes to school, I am a total Hermione Granger.

I have also just realized how much I use Harry Potter references to explain and interpret my life.

So, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was kind of disappointing.


IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. Short of going to the actual Hogwarts as a student and being able to do magic.

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The rides were so fantastic, the level of detail throughout both parks (Hogsmeade/Hogwarts and Diagon Alley) was amazing and made me giddy, the food was pretty yummy, and the frozen butterbeer was even better. I loved every single second of it. If I had to pick some favorites they would be the following (but really I hearted all of it).
1. The lines for the rides – what??!! This is crazy right? But on rides like The Forbidden Journey the details along the way are so fantastic you can’t help but enjoy your wait.

2. All the rides. I loved them all.

3. Frozen butterbeer. Yummy yummy in my tummy.

4. The Tale of the Three Brothers. Visually very similar to the movie and so entertaining to watch. The actors did a lovely job.

5. All of the shops. I want to buy all the things!

It’s a magical place y’all. A magical place. Go there.

I’ve been studying for the GRE and part of that includes learning some new vocabulary words, which I actually love doing because I’m a word nerd. Anyway, this word nerd was flipping through some vocab flash cards and I came across the word “enervate”. I threw it in the “know it” pile because obviously it has something to with awakening or enlivening someone because that is the spell used to revive someone who has been stunned as I read in Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire.


Enervate means to weaken or render feeble. At least that is what it means in reality. Clearly, it has a different meaning in the magical community. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I’m being tested on reality so I’m going to go with the flash cards on this one. On the plus side, I feel even more confident I could dominate O.W.L.S, which as a theoretical Ravenclaw feels good.

On the downside, I’m not taking O.W.L.S, I’m taking the GRE. But the silver-lining to that is that I will never forget what “enervate” means so really this was a win/win for me.

Have y’all seen the Meyers Briggs Harry Potter equivalents infographic? I know it’s been online for ages, and you better believe I was all over it when it first hit the interwebs, but I had never asked Captain Thoughtful which character he is, which was a terrible lapse on my part because when I found out it made me SO HAPPY.

I am an ENFJ which means I’m Dumbledore thankyouverymuch. As I found out on Saturday, Captain Thoughtful is an ISTP which means he is…..waitforit…Harry Potter!

Basically, we are the best team ever and should the world ever be in danger I feel confident we could save it together. You could call us a power couple, but we would totally demur from that because it’s not power we want. We are way more into protection of the innocent and free candy and like fair treatment of magical creatures and stuff. But if you want to call us a power couple, we can’t like, stop you…..

screen shot 2011 07 19 at 12 44 52 pm

I went to see Harry Potter for the second time the other night with my dearest darling (and fabulous photographer) Sarah and of course, we stopped by the snack counter before the movies. We were directed into like 5 different snack lines before finally standing our ground in the last one and refusing to move again. There was a guy standing in front of us and he made some comment about how many times we switched lines and I think I made some polite comment back. Then, we had this conversation.

Guy: So, are you guys here to see Harry Potter?

Me: Yep.

Guy: Did you read the books?

Me: Uh yeah! I read the books like a million times.

Guy: Oh good. I thought I was the only nerd here.

Me: Not only are you not the only nerd here, you’re not even the biggest nerd here. Maybe you didn’t notice, but I’m wearing a Ravenclaw pin on my shirt. (Because I would totally be in Ravenclaw if Hogwarts existed)

Guy: Wow! That’s impressive.

Me: Yes, I believe it is.

Guy: To be fair, I didn’t read the books, I listened to them on tape, but they were great because it was professional thespians playing all the parts.

Me: So, again, I’ve got you beat in the nerd department.

Guy: Good for you.

Then it was the guys turn to order his snacks. After he paid, he turned around to me, handed me an ice-cream and told me to enjoy the movie. Say what? I was totally shocked, finally, finally, my nerdiness had earned me a treat, and in fact, one of my favorite treats ice-cream. I mean, how completely amazing is that? I’ll answer for you- TOTALLY AMAZING. It was so unexpected and maybe one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for me. And you know what, it helped a little bit with my end of Harry Potter depression.