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As soon as I used to be 12, I be taught a e-book about Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt’s first female Pharaoh. In that e-book, it was hypothesized that she died on account of an an an infection from an abscessed tooth. I was irrationally upset on the thought {{that a}} lack of dental care interrupted her reign and her life so I vowed then and there to take excellent care of my tooth. I’ve flossed frequently since then.

These days, I have been revisiting my love of Egyptology and have been finding out updated evaluation on Queen Hatshepsut. Appears, it most probably wasn’t an abscess tooth that triggered her dying.

Prolonged story transient, I have been flossing for nothing.

Not too approach again, I was at a Starbucks on a espresso run. Then this occurred.

Cashier: Your complete is $10.66

Me: 1066! The Norman invasion! Battle of Hastings!

Cashier: No.

Me: Actually, certain.

Cashier: Sorry, I meant I don’t care.

Me: Okay then.

So, I can’t ever return to that Starbucks as soon as extra. Not on account of I am ashamed, nonetheless on account of I can’t stand to be served espresso by any person who wasn’t remotely fascinated about my random and all too enthusiastic historic outbursts. There are just too many random dates/names/areas/people floating spherical in my head for me to not typically (aka frequently) drop some historic previous on unsuspecting people. Moreover, don’t level out my title on the Quiznos by Lake Travis, I as quickly as obtained into a fairly heated argument about Anne Boleyn there.

Ya’ll. THIS occurred. And it is so majorly cool and I historic previous geeked out pretty arduous as soon as I be taught that article and I truly  have to have enjoyable this. I indicate, they found Richard III’s physique. Beneath a car-park. People have been parking their vehicles on Richard III. (Which I wager the ghost of Henry VII has been laughing his arse off about, amiright?)

Anyway, I actually really feel the need to have enjoyable this discovery. Nevertheless how? How does one have enjoyable the invention of the physique of a long-dead King of England? I assume tea is anxious someway….

screen shot 2012 03 14 at 9 48 55 pm

It’s March 15 and I really feel everybody is aware of what that means. It’s time, as quickly as as soon as extra, to fret being stabbed by your closest buddies along with your worst enemies. Usually, I might be holed up in my residence with a baseball bat until March 16 nonetheless I observed you truly solely have one factor to fret do you have to meet all the following requirements.

1. You and Cleopatra made a toddler. Which, I might be the primary to admit might be every spectacular and gross seeing as how Cleopatra is ineffective. (Or is she?)

2. You can have a frenemie named Brutus. (Whenever you’ve bought a canine named Brutus, maybe ship him to a doggy lodge for a day)

3. You already know anyone named Plutarch. (And who doesn’t?)

4. You are the ruler of anyplace. (Playgrounds rely)

5. A seer has foretold of your assassination. (Cellphone psychics rely)

So, as I solely meet two of the requirements (and wouldn’t you favor to know which two), I really feel I may make it by the use of the day safely. Moreover, my pal despatched me an e mail assuring me she wasn’t going to stab me as we communicate, so I’m feeling pretty assured. In any case, if that confidence proves false, you might seek the advice of with this put up mockingly everytime you’re writing my biography.

screen shot 2012 02 28 at 11 06 10 pm

In case y’all have been questioning, the best strategy to embarrass your self on the Nationwide WWII Museum in New Orleans is to walk up the exhibit of a giant artillery gun and try and see by the use of the barrel as an alternative of the sight. Oh, and as well as a WWII veteran tells you you’re making an attempt in it the mistaken technique and divulges you the perfect technique which is totally sweet nonetheless nonetheless extraordinarily embarrassing. Anyway, I assumed you guys might desire to know that for future reference. It didn’t truly happen to me. Probably.

screen shot 2012 02 13 at 9 27 03 pm

Proper now, my buddies, is St. Valentine’s Day. In its place of lecturing you on who the precise St. Valentine was (or wasn’t) and the sticky end he bought right here to (pun supposed on account of there was a stick involved), I’ve decided to share a couple of of my absolute favorite points about Valentine’s Day. I’ve always appreciated this trip and by no means just because I really feel it’s hilarious how a nasty execution spawned a lovers trip. I indicate, constructive, that’s part of it, nonetheless I moreover like completely different points.

1.Chocolate is everywhere. That’s on no account a foul issue. Moreover, do you have to eat it on strawberries it’s most probably good for you.

2. Flowers are everywhere. It’s lovely to walk proper right into a retailer and see Spring when it’s undoubtedly Winter exterior.

3. Valentines are so delightfully corny. Truly, as far as I’m concerned, the cornier the upper.

4. Kids are making out EVERYWHERE and it’s truly pleasurable to make disapproving faces at them and touch upon their lack of modesty. It truly makes one actually really feel like a grown-up.

5. A substantial amount of individuals are sporting crimson after which I can say points like “Does your shirt symbolize the blood of St. Valentine?” and make people pretty uncomfortable. Sometimes, having fun with Debbie Downer will likely be pleasurable.

6. Any reference you make to the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre is every undesirable and necessary. Historic previous is pleasurable!

7. Champagne y’all. Lots of it.

8. I get to hearken to Boyz II Males songs all day prolonged.

9. There’s assured awkwardness to witness and participate in. I am going to have weblog fodder for weeks!

10. The candy hearts with phrases on them. They’re saying such good points! It supplies my shallowness considerably improve and that’s pretty the accomplishment as soon as I’m moreover concurrently stuffing my face with candy. Properly carried out candy hearts. Properly carried out.

Comfy Valentine’s Day dearest readers! I actually such as you with my full aorta! ❤

screen shot 2012 01 23 at 2 34 19 pm1

There is a totally superior Twitter account that I observe known as @RealTimeWWII, which dwell tweets WWII as a result of it occurred day by day from 1940-1945. I am a big historic previous nerd and am utterly infatuated with this twitter account. If y’all are on the Twitter, I like to recommend you observe it. You wished to study @RealTimeWWII on account of it’s superior however as well as on account of it’s associated to the story I’ve to tell you.

It’s a cautionary story. You would be intelligent to be taught from it.

The alternative day, I was skimming quickly by the use of my Twitter feed and seen this tweet: : “USA protesting British warships detaining its cruise liners at Gibraltar; UK insists it’s important to implement blockade on Germany“. These are my paraphrased concepts after finding out it.

Oh no. Oh no. That’s truly harmful. When did the UK put a blockade on Germany? How did I miss this? What may need led as a lot as this? I don’t recall finding out one thing inside the details about it and I be taught BBC info, definitely they could have included one factor a few UK blockade on Germany inside the info. I merely don’t understand how I missed one factor so primary. That’s truly, truly harmful.  It’s like WWII but once more. Oh……oh wait. What Twitter account am I having a look at? Oh. Oh I see. It *is* WWII. Whew. That’s a assist. Okay coronary coronary heart, you might stop racing now. Crises averted. Or, you perceive, crises handed on account of it was all successfully over sooner than I was even born. Sheesh. I actually need to pay greater consideration to what I’m finding out on this issue. 

Y’all. I truly started having a panic assault based mostly totally on one factor that occurred in 1939 on account of I assumed it was occurring now. It truly makes you contemplate how we’re all merely driving like bats out of hell by lifestyle and maybe it could possibly be greater if we merely slowed down every on occasion and paid greater consideration to what we’re finding out on Twitter.

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