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Purpose - Behavior

How Was I Supposed To React?

November 7, 2012 by
Yesterday I was walking in to work and there was a man on the street next to me playing music on his phone very loudly and dancing like no one was watching. Which, no one really was because we were all avoiding looking at him, which made the situation even more awkward because that guy is dancing in the street and why are we pretending it’s not happening?? But, y’all, I don’t know what the appropriate reaction is to something like that. I mean, I don’t remember learning anything about this in cotillion. What are the best manners for this situation? Because, on the one hand, I think it would be nice to dance with a stranger in the middle of a busy street, but on the other hand, what if he is a crazy person, and on the other other hand, why don’t they teach this in good citizenship class?
So, I’m asking y’all, my collective and infallible online conscience, how was I supposed to react to that?
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