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I am the captain of a sinking ship |

December 10, 2009 by
Not like the Titanic. It’s more like a ship that is sinking but has the chance of somehow miraculously finding a way to stay afloat but probably won’t…but it might. My mission as captain (and might I add that I make for a striking ship captain) is to find that miracle glue or flotation device that prevent the ship from going under. Yet, every time I think I find that miracle it turns out to be imaginary ( I would say it turns out to be a mirage but that would totally be mixing metaphors). I can’t grasp a solution and now all I’m left to do is ponder what drowning feels like. Metaphorical drowning i.e. never being able to find another job in my profession, never finishing my book, never, never, never, anything. Does anyone have glue that would hold a sinking ship together?
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