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I Can’t Tell You, But If You Guess…… |  - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F828

I Can’t Tell You, But If You Guess…… |

Y’all. Remember that potentially very big news I was waiting on a couple weeks back?

Well, I got it. I got the big news and I really really want to tell you what it is. But, I can’t. At least, not officially until May 31, which is like FOREVER away.

But, if you guess it……..

That wouldn’t be me telling you. That would be you beautiful geniuses guessing correctly.

So, have at it in the comments. If you guess it right, I will respond to your comment with a “BINGO”.

For the record, the big news involves NONE of the following things

– Book deal

– Magic

– Dr. Who

– Chili Cheese Burritos

– Queso

– Narnia

– Psychic abilities

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