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I Didn’t Steal Your Camera Yo! - Health

I Didn’t Steal Your Camera Yo!

picture 2

Last nights Kings of Leon concert was beyond epic. What’s beyond epic you may ask? Oh don’t worry, I created a word for it. The Kings of Leon concert was colossepical (that’s colossal+epic). You’re welcome English language.

The nights only hiccup was an incident I am going to henceforth refer to as “The Bitchface incident”. During the encore- which was colossepical, and specifically during “Closer” which is one of my favorite KOL songs, the girl in front of us turned around and demanded our attention. That alone would have irked me seeing as I was basking in musical splendor at the moment, but she didn’t stop there. The following account is a true story.

picture 14 Camera of the future??? (P.S. This is NOT what her camera looked like)

Bitchface: Umm, excuse me! Someone stole my camera.

Mary, Sarah, and Me: Oh. We’re sorry.

Birtchface: Well. Can I see your purses?

Mary, Sarah, and Me: What?!

Bitchface: Put yourself in my place. Someone stole my camera- it has everything on it! (This I feel, is a bit dramatic considering there is no way her camera would be capable of containing her money, credit cards, drivers license, house keys, car, and very life-force. But, if it was somehow able to contain those things then I guess I could understand her panic- she clearly owns a camera from the future.)

Mary, Sarah, and Me: You know what? Fine. Go ahead. (She then proceeds to put her hands in our bags to make sure we didn’t steal her camera)

Bitchface: If you guys took it, just tell me. I won’t be mad.

Me: Seriously! You already looked through our purses. We don’t have your camera. Have you bothered to ask anyone else around you, or are we the only ones who look like theives???!!!

Bitchface: Sorry! Just put yourself in my position.

Mary, Sarah, and Me: Good luck in finding it. (We weren’t really wishing her that much good luck)

Can you believe that???! First, you interrupt a Kings of Leon song. Then, you accuse me and my friends of larceny????? Really? Oh yeah, and she had had like 5 beers and 2 giant margaritas, and yet she wouldn’t consider for one second that she may have dropped her camera or left it at one of the many concession stands she frequented throughout the night. Hells bells. I was none too pleased by this behavior. Major party foul- like permanently ejected from the party kind of foul. And you know what? That girl left still thinking we had stolen her camera. I didn’t steal your camera yo!

Happily, not even a bitchface like her could mar the musical glory that was KOL last night. I am still in musical heaven. They played a lot of their older music, which is some of my favorite, and just put on a wicked good show. Band of Horses opened and also put on a killer show. The night was major and I will never forget it!!! Thanks Mary and Sarah for being the best ones of the best ones- and for totally being two girls I could count on if the bitchface incident turned into fisticuffs.

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