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I Have A Theory - Portrait

I Have A Theory

I’ve a thought that all airports are positioned on hellmouths. Proper right here is my proof:

1. Even the nicest airports perform the worst in people.

That’s it. Nonetheless I don’t suppose I would love additional proof. That is higher than enough. People flip into panicky, indignant, vicious, spastic, emotionally reactive monsters at airports. And I don’t exclude myself from this the least bit. My flight will get canceled and I immediately see crimson and start demanding first-class tickets to Maui as sufficient compensation for my momentary inconvenience and within the occasion you don’t pay for my dinner so help me……it might get ugly. Nonetheless cancel a movie or a bundle deal cargo or truly the remainder in my life and I’ll merely shrug it off and decide one factor else out calmly.

Airports are undoubtedly on hellmouths. Its the one clarification.

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