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I Need A Magic Eraser For My Brain.

picture 11 My eraser would be purple.

There will always be that one guy. That one guy who means more to you than all the others. Maybe you dated him, maybe you were just friends, but there is that guy (or girl depending on who is reading this).

This post is NOT about that guy. It’s about the need in this world for some type of brain eraser. Like, you could just rub out the bits that are unpleasant or hurty. And I know that they made a movie like that called “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” but this is a totally different idea. Also, it has nothing to do with that guy. Nothing at all. Really. I promise.

The magic brain eraser I’m imagining could be used for lots of things. Like, sure it helps you forget what you wish you could forget but it also could clean your kitchen. And it never gets dirty. And it’s purple. I mean, if you wanted to use it to erase that guy form your brain then that would be ok- that’s what the magic brain eraser does but it’s not all about that.

That night you got really drunk and did something beyond humiliating? Magic brain erase it away. Sure, your friends will still remember and laugh about it but you won’t have to endure the pain of knowing what they are talking about.

That time your beloved fish died after you only had him 2 days because you don’t really know how to take care of pets? Erase it. I mean, the pet shop might stop letting you buy fish and you won’t be able to figure out why but I’m pretty sure you will be really happy.

That time you burped accidently at a lunch with your crush. Erase that and quickly. You will be much better off.

That huge fight you had with someone you love. Magic brain erase it. I mean, I can’t promise that person will start talking to you again but at least you won’t know why and then it’s like -hey they just stopped talking to you for no reason, so they’re the jerks.

I’m going to be honest with you guys. This post might be just a little bit about that guy. And even if I could I probably wouldn’t erase him, although I probably should. Also, I would really like to forget that thing about me killing my fish, because that happened and it really hurts. Anyone else need a magic brain eraser? Remember it would be purple…..

Also, this song perfectly fits my feelings about this: Hurricane Drunk

Also, you should just listen to Florence and the Machine.

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