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I Really Need to Stop Reading My Old Blog Drafts |  - T-Shirt

I Really Need to Stop Reading My Old Blog Drafts |

Once again, I have managed to baffle the crap out of myself by looking through my blog drafts. There are hundreds of blog drafts and each time I open one, it’s like jumping through the looking glass and finding myself in a labyrinth that is equal parts Hogwarts, Narnia, and Middle Earth. But like, if all of those places has been horribly mangled in a Nurti-Ninja and then laid out to dry on the surface of the sun.

I only had the courage to open one draft and it was titled “The adventures of and Walter”. Who the hell is Walter? I don’t know who Walter is. Walter is a complete stranger to me and this has led me to believe that Walter was a once imaginary friend that I have eternal sunshine-d out of my memory. What did you do to me imaginary friend Walter that was so bad that I had to erase you from my memory? Did you eat the last breakfast taco? I bet it was that.

And now Captain Thoughtful has reminded me that “Walter” was what I named a My Little Pony that I was going to carry around with me and take pictures with, but never actually did.

I’m not sure which scenario is worse to be honest.

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