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If I Say I’m Cold, It Means….I’m Cold.

February 8, 2012 by
I’m a born and bred Texan. I like my BBQ spicy and my summers hotter than hell on nickel day at the whorehouse. I tell you this so that you might understand just how much of a baby I am about cold weather. Anytime the thermometer drops below 60 fahrenheit (or 15 celsius – I’m a master of temperature conversion) I practically throw a tantrum. I pull out my heavy sweaters, of which I only own about 2 because I only need them about 2 days a year, gloves, extra blankets, and buy firewood for my fireplace. I recognize the fact that many people see that as an overreaction but it feels cold to me. Really cold. And if I feel cold then I have every right to add on the heavy layers and buy hot chocolate to warm my innards. Right? Apparently, some people disagree as I learned recently.
Me: Burr rabbit! It’s chilly. I need to make some hot tea and warm up.
Cold-Hearted: Ummm….it’s not even a little cold. It’s like 55, it’s delicious outside. Stop being such a baby.
Me: Yeah…no. If I feel cold, it’s because I’m cold. Regardless of what the thermostat says.
Cold-Hearted: I grew up in the North, this is nothing.
Me: Sure, comparatively speaking this is warmer than that, but again, I still feel cold……
Cold-Hearted: You’re being dramatic. It’s warm. You aren’t that cold.
Me: I’m going to remind you of this conversation this summer when it’s 110 outside and you’re complaining about being hot. I’m going to tell you that you aren’t in fact that hot and that you’re being dramatic and I should know because I grew up where it gets really hot.
Cold-Hearted: That’s totally different.
Me: If by different, you mean exactly the same then…..ok. Lunatic.
Listen, I know that most people don’t think it’s cold outside when it’s 55 degrees, but I also know that for me, that feels cold. Why should I shiver just because other people don’t think it’s cold out? Sheesh, just let me have my sweaters and hot chocolate. I mean, am I the only one who thinks it’s just a little bit nuts to tell someone that they don’t really feel how they feel?

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