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I’m A Versatile Overlord With Blog Love

As luck would have it, I am occasionally acknowledged by my blogging peers with awards. And though they aren’t tangible golden statues, they are something even better – internet accolades that anyone might stumble upon. Anyone. Like, someone really famous might stumble upon these virtual awards and want to give me some kind of lucrative writing deal. Or someone not really famous could stumble upon and just subscribe to my blog, which is just as thrilling for me.
Recently, I have been awarded five blogging awards. The versatile blogging award (x3), the overlord award, and the blog lovin award. Which just goes to show you what I’ve been saying for years which is that I’m a versatile overlord with blog love. Vindication! However, with great honor comes a whole lot of hassle, which is to say, I’m supposed to say 3 (I think) things I would do if I were to become overlord in reality, and like 7 things for the versatile award which I was awarded by three different people so that makes 21, and then also 7 random facts about myself for the blog loving award. How about this. I’ll say 3 things I would do if overlord and then list however many things I can think of about myself for the others. Deal? Good.
What I would do if I was an overlord in reality.
1. That world hunger thing would get taken care of immediately.
2. I would award myself a Pulitzer.
3. I would throw a massive music festival with all my favorite bands that was catered by all my favorite restaurants. Invite only.
Some things about me.
1. I love candy. A lot. If I had been chosen to go to Willy Wonka’s factory, my little heart would have exploded from joy. Did you see the size of those gummy bears?!
2. If I had to live in another city besides Austin, I would choose London. I absolutely adore London and of all the cities I’ve traveled to, its the only one I could see myself living in permanently.
3. I can bust some serious moves on the dance floor.
4. I really like owls.
5. Sometimes, when I’m really happy, I clap my hands. Doesn’t matter if anyone is around or not, I just start clapping. I think the song “If you’re happy and you know it” permanently effected me.
6. I drink about 3 cups of green tea a day.
7. I don’t eat four-legged animals.
8. I think cigar and pipe smoke smell like academia, which is probably why I like the smell of them.
9. I have an embarrassing penchant for reality TV.
10. People actually read this blog, and it never fails to make me feel giddy and shocked.
Ok- that’s all I can come up with right now. If you have a question about me, feel free to ask. I’m an open book people- or you know, an open blog.
Giving credit where credit is due.
Now, I would never have risen to the rank of versatile overlord with blog love, if some of my badass peeps hadn’t nominated me for it. Props to me people.
Marina over at Marinasleeps gave me the high honor of blog lovin. I heart her and hope someday I will be able to curse as eloquently as she does.
Teo at Copingkoala awarded me the versatile blogging award. I love when she comments because it never fails to make me smile or think.
Abigail at WordsOhMy awarded me the versatile blogging award. My favorite post of hers is this one where she totally turns a bad day into a counting opportunity ala Count von Count on Sesame Street.
Copper at Coopernicus awarded me the versatile blogging award. Cooper likes music as much as I do and creates really sweet memes. Also, he comments frequently on my blog and that has won him my undying blog loyalty.
Ghetto Philosopher awarded me the overlord award, so I’m pretty sure I have his vote for world dictator. Also, he wants to bring back afros and bellbottoms and I am all for that!
Back to the hassle…
With each of these awards I received, I’m supposed to bestow them on others. Well, I’m not going to do that. You see, the power has gone to my head and I have made the executive decision to bogart all of these awards for myself. Also, last time I did something like that, feelings got hurt. Oh! That’s one more thing about me…
11. It breaks my heart to think I’ve hurt someone’s feelings.
So, really, you see, I can’t choose. Forgive me for not following the rules, won’t you?
Hugs and Kisses,

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