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Imaginary Glitter Explosion Therapy

June 14, 2012 by
This is what imaginary carnage looks like.
Sometimes, and usually completely out of the blue, life will start to suck. Bad things will happen and you will feel like your entire life is ruined and that nothing will ever make you smile or laugh again. That’s when I turn to imaginary glitter explosion therapy.
I picture the person/thing that is causing all of my pain (sometimes it’s me) and then I imagine that person exploding into glitter and then I imagine dancing in their glitter guts. And it always makes me feel better. I should probably be clear that when I picture people exploding into glitter, they aren’t dying, they’re just transfiguring into glitter because who can stay mad at glitter? This also works like a wonder for large concepts like “work” and “money”, who needs a job and steady salary when you get to spend all day dancing in glitter? As you can tell, imaginary glitter explosions the bomb. Pun intended.
The only problem with imaginary glitter explosions is I can’t tell if this is a good type of therapy or if it’s something I should talk to a therapist about.
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