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In Terms Of Luck, How Good/Bad Is This? |

So, I’ve always heard that Ladybugs are good luck. And I think that’s probably true because at the least they don’t bite, sting, or eat your clothes. Ladybugs for the lucky win!

No fewer than 5 of these lucky ladybugs were discovered in my hotel room last week. Some people would have been bothered by this, I was not. I took it as a wonderful sign of happy things to come and caught them all so they could hang out together on the desk. Well, except for one. While I was trying to catch it, I kind of squashed it….

Do you think that totally negated the luck of the other 4?

Just in case, the next day, I helped 2 other ladybugs I saw on the sidewalk. They were alive but turned over on their backs and I helped them flip over. Does that make up for the squashing the night before?

I’m just trying to figure out where my luck stands here…..

20131204 151710 Just chillin on the ice bucket

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