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Issues I’m *Supposed* To Fear About. Spoiler- I Don’t. |

For those who’re a gal in her late twenties (as I’m) then you may have a fairly heavy listing of factor you’re supposed to fret about.
1. Your fertility is going-going-almost gone! Make the infants! Make the infants!
2. Wrinkles! You’ll be an outdated hag by the top of the yr! Lotions! Serums! Masks! Facials! PANIC.
3. Cash cash cash cash monnnneeeeee… you don’t have sufficient. Work extra. Get a greater job. Make the moola. However, don’t work so laborious that you simply don’t have the time and power for a child, as a result of as I discussed earlier, you must make a type of like yesterday.
4. Pilates! Kardashians! Vogue! Juice cleanses! Natural meals! Anti-oxidants! Miley Cyrus’s hair! You could learn about all this stuff always.
5. Do you know ladies begin menopause as early as 35? BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.
You can fear in regards to the issues I really fear about.
1. There are folks actually attempting to Jurassic Park dinosaur DNA. As in, carry dinosaurs again to life.
2. Rogue cows. There was a cow in our yard final Saturday, a cow that was not behind a fence. How did you get out cow? Are you able to apparate? Are you able to? Cows can apparate y’all. You’ve been warned.
3. I noticed a woman sporting leather-based shorts the opposite day, and apparently it’s the style factor to do, however y’all, that is Texas. Sizzling scorching Texas, and if ladies begin sporting leather-based shorts on a regular basis, I’m frightened we’ll have an epidemic of vagina suffocation on our palms.
4. Learn this. Mind juice was leaking out of his nostril. Take into consideration that subsequent time you get the sniffles.
5. Being served any type of BBQ apart from Texas BBQ.
Critically, who has time to fret about cash and infants when there are cows apparating? Priorities.

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