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Cotton Candy Broke My Phone |  - Nai Sunte Hyderabadi Song

Jules And I Have Taken It To The Next Level |

photo on 2012 05 24 at 21 12 3 Is she a superhero or a cult member? Who can say for sure?

Jules from is the bee’s knees y’all. She sent me two slap bracelets for my birthday/as an act of consummation of our blogging friendship. When I received the envelope with the slap bracelets in them, I was delighted. Mostly because it had awesome stickers on it. Jules really gets me.

When I opened the envelope not only had Jules sent me TWO slap bracelets, she had also hand-written me a note because she has an appreciation for the written word. Especially when the word is written on hot pink paper. But, before I even read the hot pink note, I slapped the two hot pink slap bracelets on my wrists. Immediately, I was filled with a sense of belonging and power. I think those feelings mean that upon putting on those slap bracelets, I either became a super-hero or I joined a cult led by Jules. Frankly, I hope it’s the latter because being a super-hero would involve a lot of pressure and being a part of Jules’ cult would probably just involve drinking and dressing animals up like other animals.

Of course, then I read the hot pink letter where Jules clearly states that one of the slap bracelets was meant for Captain Thoughtful. Ummm…no. C’mon Jules, you know me better than that. I’m keeping them both. Captain Thoughtful totally understands. I mean, at least it seemed like that’s what he said through his tears.

THANK YOU JULES!!!! I can’t wait for our first cult meeting/happy hour!

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