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Koalas Are Still BEARS. Be Safe When Snuggling. |

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Have you ever wanted to snuggle a koala? I realize that’s a silly question, because obviously of course you have.  But you guys, don’t forget that koalas are still bears. And by “bear” I mean they are marsupials that aren’t really bears but oh my gosh we need to call them bears because of their sharp sharp claws! That’s right, they have claws. Like lions. And tigers. And…well…bears.

But don’t worry too much, if you are attacked by a koala bear while snuggling, the police will totally find the koala who did it because they have fingerprints and almost never wear gloves when accidentally attacking people while snuggling. They’re also super easy to catch because they sleep 16-18 hours a day. So, there is a very good chance your koala attacker will be caught and brought to trial. Although, who could really convict a koala bear of anything but cuteness?

In other news, I can’t decide whether I know too much or too little about koala bears.

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