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On A Diet - Window

– On A Diet

Successfully buddies, I’m a spectacular failure at being on a weight reduction plan. (See how I put a constructive phrase subsequent to a damaging one there? It was some trickery. Moreover, made me actually really feel barely larger regarding the failure bit.)

This is what my thoughts making an attempt to steer itself to eat larger/a lot much less looks as if…

Thoughts: I’m going to eat a salad for lunch with quite a lot of yummy veggies! Yay! 

Gollum Thoughts: Salads? Positive, salads are good nonetheless what it wishes is the precious Tex-Mex. Enchiladases and chipses and salsases. 

Thoughts: No! To lose the load I’ve to eat larger meals.

Gollum Thoughts: Shut up! Shut up! The place would we be with out in all probability essentially the most deliciouses beneficial? BBQ is what’s needed for the hungries. 

Thoughts: Apples!

Gollum Thoughts: Donuts!

Thoughts: Mango!

Gollum Thoughts: Actually, mangos are yummers. Eat these. AND THEN EAT CAKE. 

Thoughts: No! We acquired’t do it! We acquired’t. 

Gollum Thoughts: Oh positive we wills besides we want to get hangry (side note- that’s when you’re so hungry that you just’re offended). 

Thoughts: No! Not hangry. We now should be good at work. 

Gollum Thoughts: Then eat the french fries beneficial and be good. 

Yeah. That’s an precise issue.

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