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I happen to be a pretty superstitious person. There was the day my Mom had surgery and I took especial care not to step on a crack so as not to break her back. There was last Baylor football season when we went undefeated well into the season and I wore the same shirt every game day – even wearing it to my best friend’s bridal shower (hidden under a dress).

So, you can imagine my confusion when it comes to picking out a shirt for the US match against Belgium tomorrow. You see, I’m not sure I can wear what I wore during our last match – I mean, we lost, but also we made it out of the group of death. That seems like pretty murky territory when it comes to luck. But, I don’t think I can wear what we wore for the match against Portugal because we drew. The worst part? I can’t remember what I was wearing the day we played Ghana and won. I had spent the night before in the hospital with Grammy and the whole day is a blur.

Thoughts? Should I take a chance on a new shirt?

Also, my husband informed me yesterday that at the first World Cup ever, the US beat Belgium. This seems like a good omen. But it makes it all the more CRUCIAL I choose the right shirt for the match tomorrow. Any advice would be appreciated.

#IBelieveThatWeWillWin …….#IfIWearTheRightShirt

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