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Making Fun Of My Fear Makes Me Braver. Probably.

September 18, 2012 by
Remember when I posted about my Riddikulus theory about fears known worldwide as “The Boggart Theory”? Well, this post is me trying to put that into practice. I have to get on an airplane tomorrow and I am anxious to say the least and TERRIFIED to say the most. Especially because my last flights were absolutely pee in your pants scary and I’m not exactly great at flying under the best of conditions, so yeah, cue terror. However, as per my Boggart theory, I’m going to try and turn this fear into something funny so it doesn’t seem so scary after all. So, this is that.
Hey fear of flying on airplanes! You’re so ugly that Hello Kitty said Goodbye to you! BAZINGA!
You think you’re too cool for school don’t you fear of flying? Well, I have news for you, you aren’t. (I’ll admit it, I stole that directly from Zoolander)
Hey! Fear of flying! You’re a dumbass! BOOM!
So, it seems like maybe I’m not great at mocking my fears. Maybe sarcasm?
Yeah, fear of flying, you’re *so* scary. I’m like shaking in my boots. (Eye roll)
Fear of flying you’re the coolest of all fears. Not. (Eye roll)
Ok-I feel a little more comfortable with sarcasm but I think I’m still missing the optimum way to funny my fears into non-existence. Any suggestions?
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