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Life - work–life balance

Mom |

I have been considering getting a Twitter account. Usually I resist things like Twitter because I don’t like to jump on bandwagons and I’m definitely resistant to the idea that everyone wants to hear my 140 character thoughts every 10 minutes because I don’t want to hear theirs. So that’s my first thought. My second thought is that I am a big fat hypocrite because I advise the clients at my company to take advantage of social media (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.) to market and promote whatever it is they need to market and promote. Usually, I dodge my own hypocrisy by saying that I don’t have anything to promote business-wise and would therefore only be using these sites to market myself and that’s just egotistical. Usually that suffices, but now (or rather since November) I have had this blog that I am becoming more and more proud of because, well, I think I’m rather clever, and I would really like more people to read it and give me feedback even if it’s not nice (please please please let it be nice….) and though I have written plenty of blogs they have always been for clients or my company and this one is just mine and nobody tells me what I can and can’t write about and it just means more.  So we are right back to getting a Twitter account, which, if I haven’t been misleading my clients, should generate more traffic to this blog. Stupid hypocrisy looking me in the face.

So, I guess the question is, do I forsake my previous “I don’t Twitter because I’m not ridiculous” attitude and get an account so maybe more than 25 people will read this blog? Or do I stick to my condescending ways and just wait for the organic search traffic to start pouring in? (Because I’m sure people search things like “St. Valentine the Elusive” and “Are We Still Friends If I’m Not on Facebook” and the “The Chewing Gum Terror” on Google) Quite the dilemma as I’m very attached to my “I’m not ridiculous attitude”.

I mean is Twitter worth it? Social Media says yes. Social Media Defined says no. I hate it when they fight. Also, I hate it when I ask a question and there are like 7 different answers. And by 7 I mean there are 2. Either yes or no, but I have support for both of those answers and now my head hurts thinking about it. Thanks a lot Twitter. Thanks for not being either clearly worth it or clearly not, and thanks for making me feel like a hypocrite with a headache. I’m going to categorize this post under struggles- admittedly this is a small struggle but it’s my blog and I will do what I want. So there.

Also I still don’t know what I’m going to do about Twitter.

I do know I’m eating Mexican food tonight and I do know that my Mom is now reading this blog (and probably questioning my sanity), so there are two wins I have today. Well done , well done.

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