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Final Thursday, I ended by certainly one of my favourite Austin eateries, Snap Kitchen, for a fast (and wholesome!) chew of lunch. I picked up a salad (spinach and goat cheese, in case you’re nosy) and paid the clerk on the counter who proceeded to inform me that Brad Womack of The Bachelor fame had, not 5 minutes earlier than me, purchased that very same salad!
Girls, I can let you know for certain he likes spinach and goat cheese.
I’m D-list celeb adjoining y’all. D-list. Movie star. Adjoining.
I heard somebody say “Oh yeah? Effectively, I’m going to combat fireplace with fireplace.” and I used to be like “Um, silly. I might positively select like water or an extinguisher or one thing. That may work means higher.” As a result of preventing fireplace with fireplace is unnecessary. When there’s a wildfire the forest rangers don’t pull out their matches and set to work on the remainder of the woods. And, sure, I do know that wasn’t what they meant, nevertheless it did get me to enthusiastic about why we are saying the issues we are saying. Why are our cliches, cliches? Recognizing that they don’t make sense, why will we proceed to make use of them every day? And the place did theses sayings come from?
Combating Fireplace with Fireplace.
Apparently the thought of this got here from none aside from the bard himself, Mr. William Shakespeare. The concept, although not the phrase, is a Shakespeare unique in King John. Because it seems the phrase itself comes from fire-fighting- apparently they do set fireplace to their very own woods, solely they set “managed fires” and these fires are referred to as “back-fires”. However I wasn’t completely fallacious about this being a ridiculous notion as a result of these “back-fires” are likely to activate those that set them, therefore the time period “backfire” when plans go awry. So, what I discovered is that I’m proper, “back-fires” are fallacious, and Shakespeare is just about in charge for all the factor.
A Idiot and His Cash are Quickly Parted.
I really feel like I do know quite a lot of wealthy fools. Critically, give it some thought. A few of the most well-known wealthy individuals are additionally straight-up fools. Working example, Tiger Woods. The person is absolutely actually depraved rich- and but he acted like a idiot. Certain, he’ll most likely lose some huge cash within the large D (that’s divorce folks) however he’ll nonetheless be severely wealthy. That idiot and his cash usually are not going to be parted. I perceive the purpose of this previous English proverb, that fools make poor decisions and find yourself shedding their dough, and I believe it’s true for most individuals. I believe the saying ought to be altered, nevertheless, to learn “A Common Idiot and His Cash Are Quickly Parted however a Movie star Idiot Often Stays Wealthy.” That may make much more sense.
Be Nonetheless, My Beating Coronary heart.
Hear very carefully to me people- you do not need your coronary heart to be nonetheless. As a result of then you’re lifeless. You need that sucker beating, belief me. In actual fact, I’m going to start out saying each day “Hey coronary heart, please hold beating, thanks.” This saying was first seen within the late seventeenth century in a poem by John Dryden. It refers to a ladies’s coronary heart beating rapidly when the thing of her affection is close to. I don’t care how a lot I fancy a man, I would like my coronary heart to maintain beating- which leads me to consider that both a.) John Dryden by no means requested a ladies about her aortic rhythms when her lover approached or b.) that he truly didn’t love ladies and wished all of them to die. I’ll allow you to be the choose.
Life’s Not All Beer and Skittles.
Admittedly, I’ve by no means heard this within the US. I did, nevertheless, hear it ceaselessly in England. The primary time I heard it I used to be fully befuddled- I imply I searched each grocer in that nation and couldn’t discover skittles anyplace. Which left me to marvel, did they really ban the scrumptious sweet often known as skittles as a result of too many individuals based mostly their lives round it? Because it occurs, skittles is a sport in England. Like bowling. It was performed in pubs. Therefore the beer connection. So, clearly, that is an previous English saying that was created to emphasise that there are extra necessary issues in life than beer and pub games- like running a blog and cotton sweet,and although it may not have any relevance within the US, I assumed it was very amusing and since that is my weblog I can do what I would like and embody it. Additionally, that is the one saying I believe make any sense in anyway as a result of life isn’t all beer and skittles (be they sweet or pub video games) on the very least life is beer and skittles and fried meals. I imply, who can stay off of simply beer and skittles- certain you’re getting your carbs and sugar however take into consideration protein people- which you could solely get from fried meats. Duh.
The ethical of this story is- take into consideration what you’re saying and if it doesn’t make sense perhaps don’t say it. That is a vital lesson. You’re welcome.