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Nobu   - Flora

My Friday Morning Thought

July 13, 2012 by
This morning, as I was leaving for work, I saw a bird fighting a squirrel y’all. No joke. A bird (has wings, will fly) and a squirrel (loves nuts probably carries plague) FIGHTING EACH OTHER. It was like animal kingdom mortal combat. The bird kept dive bombing the squirrel and pecking it with its beak, and the squirrel kept swiping at it and trying to pin it to the ground. I think in the end it was a tie because the bird flew away and the squirrel kind of hid in the bushes. I was like 99% sure I had just witnessed something unprecedented and amazing in nature so I googled “bird and squirrel fighting” and it’s like a thing that happens all the time y’all! There are videos, and posts, and images, and all sorts of documentation of birds and squirrels fighting. Apparently, birds and squirrels just can’t work it out through mediation and diplomacy. Which is sad.
So, my Friday morning thought is this: What can we, as human beings, do to help squirrels and birds find a lasting peace?
Follow-up thought: How unfair is it that I wasn’t the first to discover this secret nature war? When will I ever get to discover something???
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