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My RSS Brings All The Robots To The Yard-Desperation Spammer |

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So, I got this spam comment yesterday.


“I want to clutch your Lifehacker RSS.”


And it’s like, yeah, I know my RSS feed brings all the robots to the yard, but you might want to turn down your desperation spammer, because my Lifehacker RSS has standards and doesn’t just go for any desperate robot


You need to up your game.

Oh. You meant “ass” didn’t you?


What is an RSS feed? 


According to…”Ten years ago, when RSS was more popular, nearly every website had an RSS icon that linked to its RSS feed, making it easy for people to subscribe via their preferred reader. Today, that’s rarely the case, but the absence of an RSS icon on a site doesn’t mean you can’t get that site’s content via RSS.  With the right RSS reader app, you can get an RSS feed from just about any blog, podcast, social media account, or email newsletter you want to follow.

But RSS works the other way around, too. It doesn’t only pull content into an RSS reader; you can use it to push content to sites and apps as well.”

So what is up with these desperation scammers?  They need more Lifehacker tips to change their lives?  I guess so.

Desperation Scammer Lifehacker RSS

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