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On The Bright Side. |

November 27, 2012 by
So, I lost the family kickball game on Thanksgiving. Actually, not only did my team lose, I ended up in a duck pond up to my knees in cold water and what I suspect to be quicksand to retrieve the ball that Captain Thoughtful kicked in there. On the bright side, it totally counted as a home run so that part was worth it. On the other bright side, Grammy didn’t play at all, so I didn’t lose to her which is what matters the most.
On the brightest side. Grammy has given me her blessing to start blogging about her again after she read my post about playing her in kickball. The exact conversation went something like this…
Grammy: Your Mother read me the post you wrote about me.
Me: See, the thing is, Mom made that up herself. I had nothing to do with it. My blog got hacked. It was probably terrorists.
Grammy: It’s ok! I loved it!
Me: Oh. Yeah, in that case, I totally wrote it.
Grammy: In fact, I think you should blog about me more often.
Me: Huh. That’s interesting because I remember you saying the exact opposite of that not too long ago.
Grammy: I don’t remember the conversation that way. And anyway, your posts about me are the best ones you write.
Me: Ok……thanks???
Grammy: You should write more posts about me and then someone will finally want to give you a book deal. People want to read about me.
Me: You know something, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened that way.
Grammy: And when you get a book deal, I’ll be your manager.
Me: Whoa. Slow down a bit….
Grammy: It’s fine, I don’t want any money.
That’s where the conversations stopped because I was afraid to ask what she did want, if not money. Mostly because I think she was going to say “Your first born.” not because she’s Rumplestiltskin, but because she just really wants some more great-grandbabies.

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