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Patrick Sweany Means Good Music. |

This week is SXSW in Austin and usually I try to avoid it at all costs because it means there will be lots of strangers in my city walking in the middle of the street, clogging up all my favorite restaurants, and taking all the best parking spots downtown, which turns me into a grouch extraordinaire. However, there are also lots of stellar free shows during SXSW and my love of music frequently overrides my grumpiness about everything else. It was because of that love of music that I went to see Patrick Sweany play yesterday with Captain Thoughtful. Cute story, Captain Thoughtful and I met at a Patrick Sweany concert. (Cue the “awwwws”)

You may not have heard of Patrick Sweany and that’s a crying ass shame because Patrick Sweany means good music. Really good music. Pure rock n roll with a strong blues and soul influence. It’s the kind of music that I will love 80 years from now when I live on the moon and drive a flying car. His show was well worth driving downtown in the middle of SXSW for. Have a listen.

Them Shoes

More and More


He also plays a mint green guitar so, it’s kind of impossible not to like him.

Happy weekend folks! Remember to wear green tomorrow or leprechauns will steal your babies. (That’s the legend, right?)

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