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Pet Peeve Day 2.0

Remember when I started monthly pet peeve day? And then promptly forgot all about it? Well welcome to Pet Peeve Day 2.0!!! It’s new, it’s improved, and it’s way more peeved!!!! ( I can hear all the cheering and vuvuzelas blasting).
She must have just seen someone texting and driving.
Historical Inaccuracies.
I realize this is probably unique to me and a handful of Historians but it drives me mad nonetheless. I hate it in books, movies, references, and costumes. I mean, how difficult is it to check your facts? Answer, it isn’t difficult at all. Just check your facts. That is all I ask. Also, if you don’t check your facts fully expect me to walk out of your movie, throw your book away, be a jerk if you misuse a reference, and probably not say anything at all to you if your costume is inaccurate because, hey, you’re in costume, I can give you a break.
Texting while Driving.
Seriously? No one, let me repeat, no one, can do this successfully. Sure, maybe once or twice you get by with it but eventually you are going to hurt yourself or someone else by doing this. So, DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE. Also, I got hit by a 17 year-old Avril Lavigne look-alike last week and you want to know why she hit my car even though I was honking at her to stop? Because she was texting and driving and couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the fact that her CAR WAS ABOUT TO T-BONE MINE. Luckily, no one was hurt but I gave her a pretty stern lecture. This is just stupid. Plus, Oprah doesn’t like it either.
Saying Irregardless Instead of Regardless.
The added ir does not make you fancier. It only makes you look foolish.
Che Guevara T-Shirts.
Do you even know what he stood for? And you’re buying (i.e. supporting capitalism) a t-shirt with his face on it? Are you not seeing the conflict here? No? You don’t even know who is on your shirt do you? I thought not. This sort of ties in to the historical inaccuracy pet peeve but I thought it deserved to be singled out.
Being Called “Missy”
I am a grown-up. This is an unacceptable form of referring to me. Unless you’re my Mother because she pretty much has the right to call me whatever she wants. Even so, I don’t think I have ever heard her call me “missy”. So, really, don’t call me that. Don’t say “Do you have a second missy?” because no, I don’t, not if you keep calling me missy. This would only be acceptable if my name was actually Missy- but it’s not. So don’t call me that.
When People Refer to Themselves as “Go-Getters”
I have no support for this, it just annoys me.
Skinny Celebrities Who Say They Don’t Try to Be Thin.
Yes, you do. I can tell by your eyes that you are very hungry. It is almost physically impossible for you to be that size and to eat lots of fast food (as you claim you do) and not spend 24 hours a day in the gym. You try. You try really hard, and that’s ok, just be honest about it. You are really screwing with everyone else’s head.
Skinny Celebrities Who Say They Hardly Eat Anything and Are Always Hungry.
What? I don’t want to know the truth! I want to believe that some day I will wake up and look just like you without ever trying. Don’t tell me you’re hungry. I don’t want to accept that. (And yes, I know this is completely contradicting the pet peeve before this one but hello, I’m a – emphasis on contrary. I can feel a lot of opposing things at the same time, it’s a gift.)
Seeing that Someone Has Un-Subscribed to my Blog.
Ouch. That hurts. First I feel sad, and then I feel peeved because- listen all my posts have the same voice and you knew what you were getting into- there shouldn’t have been any surprises and if you un-subscribed just because you didn’t like one post then hey I don’t need you anyway. But please come back. And re-subscribe.
Feel free to share your pet peeves! I feel like this Friday is really a “get all your frustrations out” kind of Friday.

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