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Hangover Hour - Republika

Texas |

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon. Texas Forever.

I’ve grown up in Austin, Texas. Because I’ve grown up here that means I have a certain number of characteristics that is true of most if not all Austinites.

1. I live for live music.

2. Kerbey Lane cafe is one of my favorite restaurants.

3. If it was warm enough I would kayak on Town Lake everyday of my life.

4. Whole Foods is my happy place.

That last characteristic is the subject of my blog today. I have always been a Whole Foods devotee. They have the best floral section of any grocer around (with the exception of our fabulous Farmer’s Market) and that counts for quite a lot in this flower lovers book. Their produce is organic, often locally grown, and delicious. They also have 10 times as many groceries for vegetarians than most stores, and since I’m a vegetarian, that matters. All of these things add up to making Whole Foods a very happy place for me.

Recently, I have discovered their vitamin section. Now, I have never been much of a vitamin taker but I have always preferred taking herbal or natural supplements instead of chemicals. I have been having some pretty major anxiety attacks lately, due to some of the craziness that is my life currently. When I say major, I mean, can’t eat, can’t sleep, so upset you break out in hives kind of anxiety. I decided after about a month of this that enough was enough. I was loathe to go to the doctor (as usual) so I spoke to a friend who knows a bit about alternative medicine. She recommended taking liquid vitamin B. So I did a some research (because I love to research!) and decided I should try it out. Not only because of my anxiety but because as a vegetarian I get little to no vitamin B. So I went to the vitamin section of Whole Foods. I was completely overwhelmed at first, there were multiple aisles and tons of shelves of vitamins and herbal supplements. I wasn’t in a hurry so in addition to grabbing myself some liquid vitamin B, I looked around and read about some of the other vitamins and herbs sold there. It was amazing. There is an herb for everything! And this isn’t something new, so many ancient civilizations (including the Greeks) used herbs for medicinal purposes and to great effect.  It was one of the most pleasant hours I have spent in a long time. I was learning things, I had the lovely smell of the floral section to delight me, and I felt like I was taking control of my health. I walked out of there with some liquid vitamin B and Valerian Root, a wonderful little herb that treats everything from sleeplessness to stomach aches.

Guess what? They work! Honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first, but I can say they have really helped me. I am sleeping fitfully thanks to the Valerian Root, and have 3 times as much energy as usual thanks to the vitamin B. As far as my anxiety is concerned, it is practically non-existent, although I should say that could be because I am sleeping so much better and my energy is so high. I just all over feel better and both of these are made in vegetarian friendly forms so I don’t have to sacrifice my beliefs.

Whole Foods is my happy place- my happy happy place . If there is one near you, go there, and experience the happy.

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