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The Girl Who Cried

There once was a girl who cried at just about everything. Movies, books, weddings, people yelling at each other on the street, old people eating alone, getting valentines from boys she liked, getting valentines from boys she didn’t like. She would bite her bottom lip and a few tears would escape from her eyes. She wasn’t loud, in fact, she tried not to draw attention to herself. Everyone in her town knew about her and everyone had the decency not to stare when she cried and to keep all of their judgement to themselves until she left and then they freely discussed her predicament. Some people called her an empath, others a nutter, and a few people called her Lou. This last group were people who actually knew her and spent time with her everyday, they called her Lou because her name was Louisa although no one in the town had ever called her that.

So, Lou cried and people talked about it. Who wouldn’t? No one knew why everything made her cry, Lou didn’t know why. Whenever she felt any emotion that was stronger than indifference she would bit her bottom lip and the tears would flow. She used to try and prevent it but that only made her cry harder. It was just her way. She knew it was considered abnormal, but what was to be done about it?

One day, when the time was right, which is to say, whatever time it was at the time, Lou met a boy she liked very much. She liked him because he stared right at her while she cried and always asked her what it was she was feeling that had caused her to cry. No one had asked her that since she was a little girl and when she was a little girl she hadn’t had the vocabulary to describe what she was feeling as she did now. Of course, it only makes sense that when she couldn’t describe it she was asked to, and when she could describe it no one cared to ask. That’s called life. Life was, coincidentally, what made Lou cry the most. It all makes sense you see. So, Lou and her inquisitive boy fell in love. He always asked and she always answered but she cried the exact same amount she always had and nothing really had changed for Lou except that everything had changed because she was in love. They went on like this for some time until the boy told Lou he didn’t love her anymore and was moving to Decatur, Georgia because that was where he wanted to move. Lou said she understood and then stared at him with perfectly dry eyes.

“Aren’t you going to cry?” the boy asked.

“Am I not?” asked Lou.

“No.” said the boy.

“Oh, sorry.” said Lou

The boy moved to Decatur, Georgia. Lou never cried again.

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