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The Island of Misfit Blogs

October 2, 2012 by
There is a place where half-finished and bizarre blog posts go, this mysterious place is called “drafts”. I took a journey through “drafts” yesterday and what I found there was both hilarious and vaguely unsettling.
Title: This Is Not A Post About Laundry
What was I thinking?: No clue.This post could have literally been about anything else in the world except laundry.
Title: Someone Put A Curse On My Laundry
What was I thinking?: No clue.. Also, why are there two posts related to laundry in my drafts? I don’t have an answer to this questions, only many many more questions.
Title: Waiting For Things Will Kill Me
What was I thinking?: Well, it *could* be true. Although, I can’t remember what specific thing I was referring to when I wrote this….
Title: Doomsday Fraggle Rock
What was I thinking?: It’s pretty obvious I was trying to image the world of Fraggle Rock post-apocalypse. I mean, everyone has thought about that, haven’t they? There is nothing weird about this. Nothing at all.
Title I’m Not A Cow
What was I thinking?: Huh. Well, in my defense I’m *not* a cow. I’m a people.
Title: The Art Of Google Stalking
What was I thinking?: I was probably thinking that if I wrote a book on the art of Google stalking I would make a bajillion dollars. Sadly, I’ve been too busy Google stalking to write that book. It’s the circle of life. Or something.
Title: I Can’t Believe I Get Away With This Shiz
What was I thinking?: Honestly, I really really can’t believe people read this blog. But, if memory serves (and it very rarely does) this post was about some strange search queries I’ve gotten. Probably. It could have also been about how I am somehow able to mock people to their faces without them hating me.
So, now I’m wondering, which of these blogs should I save from the island of misfit blogs. And *don’t say “Doomsday Fraggle Rock.” (I’m just kidding I really want you to say “Doomsday Fraggle Rock”. This is how reverse psychology works, right?)

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