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The One Where I James Lipton Myself

I love the show “Inside the Actor’s Studio” with host James Lipton, but I only love it for one reason, the 10 questions he asks at the end of every interview. I find the answers to these endlessly fascinating, which is probably a pretty good indication that I am easily fascinated. Anyway,   James Lipton has not returned any of my calls asking him to interview me on his show even though I’m not an actor, but if the world’s a stage, then aren’t we all actors?? Aren’t we James Lipton? Aren’t we??!! I decided to James Lipton myself (which for the record, he didn’t even come up with these questions Bernard Pivot did so forget you James Lipton! Just kidding, please interview me on your television show, I’m sure your students could learn a lot from me about how *not* to be an actor, which is equally important probably).

1. What is your favorite word? Whimsy. Because as a word, whimsy sounds whimsical. I like things that sound like what they mean but not in the obvious onomatopoeia way. 

2. What is your least favorite word? Fat. 

3. What turns you on? Captain Thoughtful. But not just because he’s got them sexybones, he also inspires me on every level. 

4. What turns you off? Cruelty. 

5. What sound or noise do you love? Vacuum cleaners. Really. I find the white noise very calming. 

6. What sound or noise do you hate? When people do impressions of Gollum. Especially my sister. AND SHE KNOWS THAT. 

7. What is your favorite curse word. Bastard. But asshole is a very close second.

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Archeologist. 

9. What profession would you not like to do? Politician. 

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive a the pearly gates? Well, kid. You made me laugh. 

What about y’all? I would love to hear how you would answer these questions! Especially because it would basically mean I’m better than James Lipton at asking people questions because I can ask all of you at once. Also, I’m not sure why I’m starting a feud with James Lipton but it just feels right for some reason…..

Also, apparently, I already wrote this post two years ago……. and some of the answers are the same….but some are different so let’s consider this a new post! Ok? Cool.

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