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The Time I Got The Best Comment Ever.   - Forest

The Spam Comments Are Upping Their Game

July 19, 2012 by
I had no fewer than 12 spam comments yesterday that said things like “You’re so pretty” and “You’re brilliant”, and “This is the best I’ve ever read.” so it’s pretty clear what’s going on here: the spam comments are upping their game.
Obviously, someone told the spam comment people/robots that I am a complete sucker for flattery and that I need constant affirmation from strangers and that I probably wouldn’t care if that affirmation came from strangers that are most likely robots and not even real people. Not a bad move spam comments- I was at first wooed by your wooing but you forgot one thing- no matter how persuasive your flattery, I will never ever post a comment that contains a link for any type of male or female genitalia enhancer. Why? Because other people’s genital health is really truly none of my business and also, I really don’t want it to become my business. But, hey, that’s just me.
So, while I greatly appreciate being told how wonderful I am by probably non-humans, I respectfully decline to post your comments.
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