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The Spice Girls Reunited And Then I Had An Excitement Seizure.

August 14, 2012 by
Even though it was almost definitely 100% certain The Spice Girls would be reuniting for the closing ceremonies of The Olympics, I didn’t want to get my hopes up because the disappointment of them not reuniting would probably have caused uncontrollable ugly crying for a week. So, with reservations, I tuned into the closing ceremonies on Sunday and warned Captain Thoughtful to have some ice cream ready in case of ugly crying. This is my closing ceremonies emotional timeline. Please note, the times are not accurate at all because I’m not good at documenting things as they happen, but what’s a timeline without times?
7:30pm – Emile Sande. LOVE HER. Goosebumps and a huge smile. Captain Thoughtful chooses not to sit beside me due to excessive “excited hitting”. (It’s true, when I’m excited about something, I hit. Not hard. But, you know, still hitting)
7:50pm- Why am I tearing up to “God Save The Queen”? Will I lose my citizenship for this?
7:55pm- Um, Pet Shop Boys? Um.
8:05pm- Um, One Direction? Um.
8:30pm- Athletes. Yeah, yeah, I’ve cheered for them all week. I would like to cheer for The Spice Girls now, please.
8:50pm- Awww, it’s “Imagine”. Those kids are so sweet! This is precious!
8:57pm- It’s George Michael y’all! Captain Thoughtful completely tunes out my comments of “Good for him. Yay for George. Why does he have a skull as a belt buckle?”
9:04pm- The Who! See Captain Thoughtful, something for you too!! Oh, that’s not really The Who? It’s the guy from Kaiser Chiefs? Oh. Ok.
9:29pm- Models? Really? This is ridiculous! I protest! (Grumpy face due to the fact I was at that very moment eating tater tots.)
9:37pm- Yay! Ed Sheeran! Singing Pink Floyd….ok.
9:42pm- Russell Brand is singing “Pure Imagination”….and now “I am The Walrus”. Am I high? Were my tater tots laced with something? I’m high, right?
9:54pm- Woohoo Fatboy Slim! Let the 90′s dance party begin!
9:59pm- Jessie J! Tinie Tempeh! Taio Cruz. Is Jessie J wearing a unitard? Yeah she is. You go girl.
10:03pm- THE SPICE GIRLS!!!!!!!! OMG it’s the Spice Girls. SPICE.GIRLS. And then I had an excitement seizure and everything was hysterically happy crying (not to be confused with uncontrollable ugly crying) and sparkles and a delirious blur.
I don’t remember anything else that happened after that, but I know I was like, super duper happy. True story.

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