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Things I Learned From Moving |

Captain Thoughtful and I moved last weekend. I learned some things.

1. Grammy thinks Captain Thoughtful and I have too much Tabasco. She’s incorrect. There is no such thing as too much Tabasco.

2. I have a shocking lack of upper body strength and an equally shocking amount of lower body strength. My legs could move mountains. My arms have a difficult time with a small box of books.

3. You always have more things than you think you have. I’m pretty sure it’s a law of physics. Physics will ALWAYS screw you over in a move.

4. Unpacking sucks as much as packing. That large apartment you just rented? As soon as you move in, it will shrink. Again, physics. Or magic. Could be both.

5. After a long day of moving, there is only one thing that will heal all wounds, sore muscles, and overall exhaustion. That thing is Whataburger.

Oh, and I really really don’t like moving. At all. My arms, they are sore. So very very sore. Someone, please come to Austin and carry things for me. Please. I’ll give you bubble wrap. I have, like, lots of it.

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